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The Home Finale

NDSU has officially played out the last of their regular season home games. While it's a near certainty that they'll get to be in Fargo for a playoff game or multiple that's not yet known. Well the home finale also doubles as senior day. All the accolades and accomplishments that this latest senior class have to their credit have been well reported, deservedly so but I think there's an under reported angle to it.

That despite the success, it's not an especially great group. There won't be the #2 overall pick. There may not be a single one taken in the draft at any point. A year removed from a group including seven future NFL includees, that is probably an outlier but this one may be to the other end of the spectrum. The injury to Nick Deluca has something to do with that but one player does not a class make.

But whatever the future may hold for them with regard to football, they were sent out in style!

From the first punt, which was returned for a touchdown by Darrius Shepherd, to the final buzzer they were in control. The 41 - 17 final score wasn't even as close as the game actually was. I personally was hoping that they would pitch a shut out because the Sycamores didn't have anything to pay for and just aren't as good of a team. That's no small feat and I don't consider them not being able to do so a mark against them, just would have been a great sign of the complete game that they put together!

Short of another major injury, of which there were none or some sort of unprecedented performance, the prime take away from the game was the regular season finale that the eleven seniors were apart of. Games end but there are hopefully decades of life ahead of each one of them which is of far more significance. So whatever the future holds for them, hopefully they continue to make good choices and find their way in life!

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