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Dakota Bowl 24: Tommies feast on Beef

Coming from a 9 man school I have a special appreciation for the subtle differences in the game when compared to all the other divisions.

Though it represents the smallest division of football in the state it fell second in line of the four pack of championship games at the Fargo Dome on Friday. In a tilt between the Thompson "Tommies" and the New Salem-Almont-Glen Ullin "Holsteins," it fit in precisely with the rest of the days games.

It started slowly with a pair of punts by NSAGU, which is quite a mouthful if I do say so myself, sandwiching an interception by #9, Braden Zuroff.

That was the last time the scoreboard was filled with zeros. On the third play of their second possession the Tommies got an 87 yard touchdown scamper by #12, Calen Schwabe.

After forcing another punt, Thompson wasn't able to crack off another length of field play but did drive 80 yards for another touchdown. This time a pass to #21, Collin Grotte, from just beyond the ten yard line.

With seconds ticking down on the first quarter, the Holsteins got the ball back and got their drive rolling.

After getting a first down at the 42, the offense missed on three straight pass plays. On a fourth and ten they got the necessary ten plus many more. A pass completed to #1, Tanner Slag, went all the way to the three yard line. Two runs got them to a third down at the half yard line. In typical, yet effective fashion they opted for a QB sneak and were paid off for the call with their first score.

A third consecutive failed two point conversion attempt left the game at a 12 - 6, Thompson advantage. For now.

The Holstein defense managed to force a three and out. After getting a return to the 39 on the punt the Cows were back in business. Aided by a facemask penalty on the third play of the possession, they quickly found themselves in arms length of the endzone. They didn't waste the chance and #11, Evan Henke, got his second touchdown of the game. Another unsuccessful point after left the game tied up at twelve's.

It was Thompson's turn to do the sandwiching. The first piece being a 10 play scoring drive, with the only pass of the possession being on the touchdown to #10, Cole Sorby. They also completed the first extra point attempt of the game, leaving the game at 20 - 12.

For it's part, New Salem punted after a few plays. Which gave the Tommies the ball back at the 37. A couple plays later and Sorby took a pass from mid field to the house. Another successful two point and the game was quickly in favor of Thompson, 28 - 12. The few remaining seconds were ticked off to get it to halftime.

After halftime, the Tommies rolled through the Holsteins. Opening the second half with another touchdown reception by #10, Cole Sorby.

NSAGU managed to string together some first downs on their next possession but then #10 struck again. The Cows managed to get to the nine but on a pass toward #42, Shane Forster, Sorby jumped in and took it away.

The salting away continued from there. #24, Adam Diedrich was utilized on the ground and through the air. He also got to finish the drive off with a run from the five yard line for the latest touchdown. His two point attempt was unsuccessful yet again but left the game at a 40 - 12 score.

Going into desperation mode, the Holsteins struck back with a scoring drive of their own in 46 seconds of game time. Forster managed to haul in his next attempt for a touchdown, with some YAC for good measure. That left the game at a mere double up but the positivity kept coming the way of the initials squad. They forced a punt by the Tommies and thus had the ball again at mid field. Their hurry up offense didn't go as well this time around with a quartet of passes yet no first down.

After the turnover on downs, Diedrich took another handoff to the house. That would be the theme to close out the game. A few minutes later he did it again and finished the scoring at 54 - 20

As a neutral party it's not how anyone would want the game to go, for the losers but even in a championship game those sorts of out comes are always possible.

Congratulations to the 9 man champion Thompson Tommies!

Scoring Summary

  • Thompson Touchdown (Schwabe)

  • Thompson Touchdown (Grotte)

  • NSAGU Touchdown (Henke)

  • NSAGU Touchdown (Henke)

  • Thompson Touchdown (Sorby)

  • Thompson Touchdown (Sorby)

  • Thompson Touchdown (Sorby)

  • Thompson Touchdown (Diedrich)

  • NSAGU Touchdown (Forster)

  • Thompson Touchdown (Diedrich)

  • Thompson Touchdown (Diedrich)

No that's not a typo, those guys just went nuts scoring touchdowns!


Grotte, Henke & Forster all had good individual games but Cole Sorby & Adam Diedrich stole the show. As with any prolific offense, it starts with the one under center. So while he only accounted for one touchdown on his own, Calen Schwabe is every bit the MVP that his two mates were in the championship.

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