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A rebound and put backs; Wolves Week 2

The team wrapped up it's first three game week yesterday in Oklahoma City. Prior to that they took on the Grizzlies again and the Nuggets, both at Target Center.

After a opening the season with consecutive losses they were able to rebound with a convincing win over Memphis. The trick is that the Griz played without two of their best players - Mike Conley & Marc Gasol. Whether those two would have been able to make up for the final margin of victory, is a debate some may want to have. What I don't think is debatable is that they certainly would have been able to make it a closer game. It seemed like a positive step for the team even with that caveat.

The positivity didn't last long.

Two days later the Nuggets came to town. The Wolves competed with them but came up short for the third time this season. Another weak third quarter put them in a 13 point deficit which a ten point win in the fourth quarter could not make up for. Of the three losses I think this was the worst one so far because the Nuggets are going to be one of the teams they will have to beat out in order to get into the playoffs.

Third and finally came the Thunder. Coming off their loss to the Warriors I wasn't surprised by yesterday's outcome but the fact that the loss came by high double digits is a cause for concern. I think it's going to take at least 20 games into the season before we really know what this team is going to be, a quarter of the way to that and things don't look great right now!

The next step is to win the games that they should. That happened on Tuesday. Could have happened on Thursday but didn't and didn't happen yesterday. There are probably several potential conclusions to draw from each game but I'm a fan of taking a wait and see approach, even if that goes against my rube nature.

Next up for the Blue & Silver are the Nets on Tuesday night and the Magic on Wednesday. Each game will be on FSN North.

Hopefully this time next week there will be a few more positive out comes and some other things to say!

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