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There's been a lot of chatter this week over the possibility of acquiring another offensive linemen. The most common name to be bandied about is Joe Thomas - for the second round pick in the next draft.

The two predominant ways to look at it are 1) in a Super Bowl season, no cost is too high to increase the possibility or 2) after giving up the first for Sam Bradford, giving up the second would be too much.

I am on the latter side. While I agree that there isn't anything better then a Super Bowl, especially with the Vikings history, it's too high of a cost.

I haven't been scanning the blogs in the last few days, so this has probably already been discussed but I'm going to give it a go anyway.

The additions of Alex Boone and Jake Long since the end of last year are good for name value and Boone is a good interview on PA's show but the additions haven't translated to improvement on the field yet. I'm not calling for changes or anything, and think Long's performance shouldn't be judged for a few weeks since he was out of the game but I don't want to excuse the problems.

The offensive line has been the weakest unit of the team so far and I don't think it's close. Whether another body is brought in before the trade deadline or not remains to be seen but as I said, I hope it doesn't happen - not for a top four rounds pick at least.

And I don't think it should have to happen. This is the point, the additions of Boone and Long and the conversation of others excuses the terrible drafting of offensive linemen over the last five years.

Let's take a look at the list shall we.

2016 - Willie Beavers

2015 - TJ Clemmings, Tyrus Thompson, Austin Shephard

2014 - David Yankey

2013 - Jeff Baca, Travis Bond

2012 - Matt Kahlil

So that's a total of eight offensive linemen in the last five years out of 47 picks, if I counted right. My source was http://www.vikings.com/team/history/all-time-drafts.html for reference. That's not a world beaters list of players. The injury to Kahlil hurt this year and development issues by several of these guys has screwed it up so it's not all on Rick. But considering the praise he gets for all the great picks he's made (and he has made many great selections over the same time span) successfully choosing the protectors of the quarterback has not gone well.

I can't begin to understand why it's gone so poorly, but it has. Throwing away a pick or more on a guy who may or may not work out right now would be like throwing good money after bad, which is a terrible investing strategy. So since there have been enough mistakes made when addressing that unit, I just don't think it's a great plan to throw more at it right now.

Once the season is over - hopefully some time in February - then the issue can and should be addressed. From the scouting on up, it does need to be addressed until the issue can be discovered and resolved because it's really the lone black spot on Rick's resume these days.

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