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Pros & Cons: Philly Failure

As a rule I try to avoid use of colorful language that wouldn't be suitable for all ages so if you want a stream of profanities about today's game, you best look elsewhere. That being said, that game sucked. The defense was as bad as they've been this year - including the preseason. The offense was pathetic. Even the special teams decided to stay on bye.

This is supposed to be pros & cons and I will try to remain faithful to that but it's gonna be a lot of red tonight. As always, the number of stars will correlate with the great or terrible nature of each category.

Let's get it over with shall we?!



Losing - A close loss may get less then 10 stars but this was a flashback to the Bay, type loss. Nothing went well. In order to have more then one focus of ire I'll leave this one brief but losing is the worst part of it.

The Offensive line - While the entire offense was putrid, the offensive line was the worst group, in my opinion. Late in the fourth quarter the broadcast showed that Bradford was hit 19 times. 19. THIS IS AN IMPROVEMENT FROM LAST YEAR?!?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! I dread what will happen when we face a defense that's closer to what ours had been through the first five games!

Turnovers - I didn't have illusions that the offense could go turnover free for the whole year. I thought that the idea of making it half way through was a stretch. Well, the good run didn't just end. It was obliterated! How this is the same team that we saw two weeks ago against Houston will boggle my mind all week. My brain already hurts & I can't fathom why it went so terribly today!


The Defense - I know that every game isn't going to have eight sacks or a pick six but I thought we were past the mental lapses and poor execution that showed up so often today. There are stats that could support arguments positively and negatively for the defense today but based on my eye test they just didn't perform as well as they have so far this year.

Running Game - No offense to Matt Asiata but when he's the leading rusher in a game, it's a safe bet that the offense didn't perform too well from that perspective. With Jerick noticeably hobbled and Ronnie Hillman looking like someone that we signed off the street, it may not get much better in the coming weeks.

Play Calling - Not breaking news or anything but Norv Turner has forgotten more about football in the last week then I may ever know. But from the Sendejo interception onward the whole thing just didn't function well. Some credit must go to the Eagles defense but getting the ball at the two yard line and getting nothing is inexcusable. The interception and the penalty that preceded it aren't on Norv but he's the OC and some of the blame for the game that followed the interception falls on him.

Sad to say, but there's probably many more possibilities that could be categorized negatively. But I'm going to leave those for the comments section. Let me know what they are!


Blair Walsh - He made his kicks. I know that he shouldn't get much praise for just doing his job, with as much consternation as people were getting into with his misses the makes are another step in the right direction.

Penalties - I was hoping this would have been good enough to be an outright positive but Seven flags for 56 yards of penalties is a middling amount.



Xavier's Interception - I've been critical of his lack of ability to finish interceptions over the years but today's interception was as good as any we will see this year. I can't bring myself to think it will be a trend but it was one of the lone bright spots on the day.


Receivers - It may be a paradox to rip the offense while considering the receivers a positive, but I'm thinking about the game as a whole. Ending up with three receivers at over 50 yards a piece is a decent outcome, especially when none of them was Stefon Diggs.


Bradford not hurt - yet. The future of the quarterback position is already a talker and understandably so. The most important thing these days is that he stays healthy. It shouldn't be taken for granted with the poor play of the offensive line so I'm definitely considering it a positive on a day when he was smacked as many times as he was. If things don't get better then that yet may very well fade away.

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