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Bye Week Boredom

I like football. It's my favorite sport. High school football has nostalgia. College football has excitement from game to game. The NFL has...everything. As far as I'm concerned, the thing that makes it most unique is fantasy football. On the bye week of my favorite NFL team, fantasy football isn't enough to keep me from channel surfing and often going to AMC to watch reruns of "The Walking Dead."

The early games that have been on thus far were New England vs Cincinnati & Washington vs Philly. I've kept myself apprised of the Bengals game but watched much more of the Eagles game. It probably wouldn't take much for you to guess why. I'll tell you anyway; 1) The Vikings play the Green Birds next week and 2) the young QB for the aforementioned Love Birds (Carson Wentz).

All week I had been trying to think of an original angle to take on the North Dakota Kid, but nothing popped. I'm bored enough to run with it though.

After having one of the hottest starts to an NFL career, Mr. Wentz threw an interception last week at the end of the game and got sacked five times today by Washington. I'm not going to go so far as to say that he's getting exposed because his team has several flaws which even the best of quarterbacks can't cover for but with the Purple people a week from rolling into the Linc, those occurrences of the last two weeks may have Zim licking his chops.

It's every bit a conflict of interest. My favorite team vs the quarterback from Bismarck. I've got 164 hours to figure out the best way to cheer during the game and would welcome any and all input!

What I know is that after this weekend it'll be months before I have to go another Sunday without Vikings Football and hopefully it won't be til well into the new year. For today though, the boredom is likely to continue.

There's really only one thing to say


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