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Knights get mauled by Bruins

For the second time this year I found myself at a game between Grand Forks Central and one of the Fargo school. In the previous contest, they routed the Spartans of Fargo North. Upon further review, that was absolutely an aberration.

Against the Fargo South Bruins last night, a very different out come ensued. From the first drive of the game, a methodical 81 yard drive that consumed the first 6:58 of the game by the Bruins, it was clear who had the advantage. It also was a quick display of a few of South's best players. A 40 yarder by #27 Zander Luckoski and a touchdown by #28 Victor Isaak.

On Grand Forks' first possession, there was a quick first down but then they were summarily shut down by the Bruin defense.

The Bruins didn't waste any time on their next possession by the 68 yard catch and run by #4 Tanner Beaton which two plays later lead to another touchdown by #11 Co McConn.

The next few possessions were marred by fumbles. First by Beaton after a reception then by #84 Matt Filson for Grand Forks. It further exemplified how the game went. Grand Forks recovered their fumble but only managed a few yards before having a fumble of their own. Fargo's recovery was a scoop and score by Luckoski from 62 yards out.

From there the Knight's approach on offense changed noticeably. As is often the case in a one sided football game, the losing team goes to the pass game to try and score quickly. Such was the case with Grand Forks for the final 2.5 quarters. After South notched their touchdown of the half, Grand Forks went into their bag of tricks with a double pass that went for 21 yards. That was aided by two penalty on the Bruins which eventually got the Knights to a first and goal at the seven yard line. Through all four downs, they were able to gain 6.5 yards or a turnover on downs, in other words.

And that was just the first half.

After the intermission, each team scored in the third quarter. First was a touchdown reception by #30, Zane Miller for the Knights that went for 77 yards in the first minute of the half.

South continued their run with a touchdown by #6 Jack Pifer to maintain the margin of victory. Down 29 points, Grand Forks continued to work to close the margin. Overcoming several penalties, the Knights mimicked the Bruins first drive with a methodical drive of their own which ended in a touchdown pass to #81, Aaron Knutson.

On their next possession, Fargo again fumbled the ball and it was again recovered by the Knights. But as it was the first time, so it happened again, the Knight's fumbled the ball as well. 1:11 of game time later and the Bruins put the final nail in the coffin and the last new number on the scoreboard for the night.

Final Score

Fargo South: 42, Grand Forks Central: 13

Scoring Summary

  • Rushing Touchdown - #28 Victor Isaak (FS)

  • Receiving Touchdown - #11 Co McConn (FS)

  • Fumble Recovery Touchdown - #27 Zander Luckoski (FS)

  • Rushing Touchdown - #27 Zander Luckoski (FS)

  • Receiving Touchdown - #30 Zane Miller (GFC)

  • Rushing Touchdown - #6 Jack Pifer (FS)

  • Receiving Touchdown - #81 Aaron Knutson (GFC)

  • Rushing Touchdown - #27 Zander Luckoski (FS)

Purple Bizon POG

The Bruin offense as a whole was clicking well for the entire game but one player stood out above the rest on both sides of the ball. That player is Zander Luckoski. Three total touchdowns is one of the most impressive individual performances I've seen yet.

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