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Monday Night Pros & Cons

If the Sunday night win two weeks ago or last weeks demolition of superman wasn't enough, the Vikings got a third straight opportunity to put the league on notice of what has been built on the tundra. Monday Night Football is the premier platform of the NFL weekend and on the third of October the Vikings went head to head with the New York Giants.

I'm going to keep using stars as the ranking system for both positives and negatives. 10 stars either way will be the max with 3 - 3 being a neutral zone. Well let's get on with it, shall we!




Holding another team to 10 points while finally getting it done on offense makes this the third big win of the season. Winning, unless in some ugly fashion, will always get a high rating.


He was primarily responsible for the extremely ordinary day that Beckham had, and in addition got the only turnover of the game. While maybe not as blatantly exciting as all the sacks and action of the last few weeks, I think it's a performance well deserving of a perfect rating.


Running Game

97 total yards between the primary runners and two touchdowns. A drastic and necessary improvement for that part of the offense!

Kyle 3.0

My dislike for Rudolph is no secret but where criticism has been merited in the past, credit is due these days. Three straight games with a touchdown is a splendid start to the season. Having the touchdowns come in concert with moderate to good yardage is all the better!


Mr. Johnson shows up

Two catches was tied for fifth most on offense, yet both grabs combined for the most yards by any of the players in purple. If nothing else, it created another wrinkle that defense's will have to plan for in the short term.


Another efficient outing by the QB, this was the first one where the efficiency was productive enough to get the team to a Super Bowl win. More touchdown passes would push this even higher though.


Marcus on the Spot

Sans a punt return touchdown or near interception, he still makes plays. The fumble recovery was just the latest signature play of his career.

Ghosts of the Pass Rush

The game ending without any sacks was a surprising stat at the end but the performance over the past few weeks was in Eli's head and still made a difference over the course of the game.

Pass Protection

This was the best performance by the offensive line yet this year


No Sacks by the defense




The most glaring time where tackling was an issue was on the play by Paul Perkins. It was an uncharacteristic yet not isolated incident. The other time where I noticed it was on an attempt by Kendricks to get an ankle tackle yet he whiffed noticeably and barely laid a hand on the ball carrier.


The Project

Blair Walsh. Sigh. Making 50% of field goal attempts doesn't cut it. Missing five kicks through four games doesn't cut it. I don't think the issues has reached replacement mandatory levels but game by game it's persisting and is the most glaring issue on this team through all the games.

Maybe it's just Minnesota pessimism but the disparity in pros over cons seems too good to be true but I can't think of any more negatives. Did I miss any? This team is repeatedly showing that it is good and that it actually can perform at a nearly flawless level.

With Texas, the bye and Philly on the horizon, that should get the team to 6 - 0. Not long after that clinching the playoffs would be achievable. But that's all for now I think.

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