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Perfect Thunder

When a football team starts with four wins and no losses it's not much of a stretch to consider them a good team. When the same team has won five straight championships, has had multiple visits from ESPN and even has all their games streamed live by the network online, good doesn't really cover it. It may not be obvious to all, but I'm talking about NDSU, which is the premier program in the 1-AA division of football. They were even voted into the top 30 of D1 recently.

So after three weeks of winning games over teams that are or would be national championship contenders, they got a little bit of a break yesterday. They only had to face a team ranked in the top 20, not top 5. That's the Missouri Valley Football Conference for you, just packed with good teams.

I didn't see the game. I was at a wedding yesterday, so I'm not going to analyze the game because stats are misleading. Even the final score could be, but a 31 - 10 win seems convincing. So instead of reflecting on what has been, I'm going to look ahead. Seven straight weeks of football and the playoffs to boot.

With a four/zero record the playoffs are a win or two away from being a certainty. To get the all important home field advantage and bye week for the playoffs it will most assuredly take more then two. A perfect season is far from a given and there are things learned through loss which victory doesn't highlight. But with the first three wins, it's not terribly preposterous to think about a perfect season for the Bison. Every game the rest of the way will be another test but I don't think any of them are trick questions.

As a quick reminder, here are the teams played the rest of the way:

  • Missouri State

  • South Dakota State

  • Western Illinois

  • Northern Iowa

  • Youngstown State

  • Indiana State

  • South Dakota

But what do you think? How was the game yesterday? Which of those seven teams do you think will give us the biggest test? What do you have to say about the possibility of a perfect season?

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