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Comets smash Bears at homecoming

Each week, for a period of weeks during the fall, there are events that happen on Friday nights at high schools from coast to coast and possibly around the world. These events have young men, and the occasional female, compete in front of crowds of cheering onlookers. On a 100 yard length of field the teams go against each other to score more points then their opponent. Obviously I'm talking about football.

It's the new national past time and is established upon the efforts of high school students. The season is short, sometimes barely two months long - not including the playoffs, yet is the foundation for college and NFL football. One of the annual occurrences during the season is homecoming. A time for the students to have a festive week and also a time when multitudes of alumni return to their high school and watch the game. Such was the case this past Friday in Fergus Falls, MN.

I'm a Hillcrest Academy graduate and still proud of it. I bear more allegiance to HLA then I do to any of the institutions that I've been a part of since. So a potential conflict of interest was possible in attending the homecoming game. In an effort to balance that I spent the whole game, with the exception of halftime, on the opposing sideline. It made for an awkward feeling as I had to refrain from cheering for the school which I had so long been a part. And I did have plenty of reasons to cheer for them.

Hillcrest started with the ball, and while it wasn't the most smooth possession one will ever see, they covered the 60 yards in methodical fashion and really never looked back from there. Through a multi-faceted rushing attack and the occasional big play through the air, Hillcrest didn't take long to establish a comfortable lead over the Bertha - Hewitt Bears. The efforts of the players resulted in a 21 - 0 halftime lead.

The most notable play was on a bad snap to the quarterback, Sean McGuire. Instead of just falling on the ball after he was able to track it down, as many coaches would advise, McGuire picked up the ball, somehow managed to see #32 Kyler Newman down field and complete the pass for a gain of 27 yards. All of it happening in a matter of second, and on a fourth down, 13 yards behind the first down line. A back breaking play, as they say, if there ever was one. But then came the next comet possession, from their own seven yard line, staring out at the whole field the next in the line of big plays, a mere 93 yard catch and run for a touchdown by #15 Reggie Undseth. 21- 0

But those who speak of football. are oft to remind that it's a 60 minute game. While the things that happen in the first 30 minutes may be enough to get the victory, the competition doesn't end at halftime, regardless of the score.

The Bears started the second half with the ball but after getting pushed around for the first three downs, they opted to punt. As the punt landed the ball made contact with a Hillcrest player and was subsequently recovered by Bertha near the 20 yard line. A ray of hope it would seem, yet it still wasn't meant to be. With-in throwing distance of their first points they went for it on all four downs yet barely managed any success, with a turnover on downs as the result.

The rest of the game could easily be mistaken for a track meet with big plays happening for both teams. After the TOD, Hillcrest worked their way to another touchdown, with another long pass play from McGuire to Newman. On the ensuing kickoff, #30 Raphael Ortiz took the ball 75 yards to eliminate the shutout. A few seconds of game time later and the favor was returned by Newman who weaved his way through traffic for a 79 yard kickoff return of his own, which in reality covered at least 90 yards of grass. That left the game at a 35 - 8 margin, and at least myself wonder what would happen next.

Hillcrest found the zone for 13 more points, with a 62 yard touchdown to Undseth near the end of the third quarter and their final score of the game by #3 Sam Isaac. Before the clock hit all zeroes Bertha was able to find one more score by #11 Devin Dean, who also gets credit for giving his team another chance to score when he recovered a fumble late in the fourth quarter. The final possession would prove fruitless, yet was a fine finish for the young man.

Final Score: Hillcrest 48, Bertha-Hewitt 16

Scoring Summary

  • Rushing touchdown - #15 Reggie Undseth (HLA)

  • Rushing touchdown - #32 Kyler Newman (HLA)

  • Receiving touchdown - #15 Reggie Undseth (HLA)

  • Rushing touchdown - #32 Kyler Newman (HLA)

  • Kickoff return touchdown - #30 Raphael Ortiz (BH)

  • Kickoff return touchdown - #32 Kyler Newman (HLA)

  • Receiving touchdown - #15 Reggie Undseth (HLA)

  • Rushing touchdown - #3 Sam Isaac (HLA)

  • Rushing touchdown - #11 Devin Dean (BH)

Players of the Game

With as much offense as there was by Hillcrest, there are three good choices. Undseth, Newman and McGuire are all deserving of the extra recognition. So while I have thus far tried to narrow it down to one person, because it keeps happening that multiple players are deserving, starting now I'm going to do as many as are deserving in each game. So for Friday night's contest the choices are:

Sean McGuire

Reggie Undseth

Kyler Newman

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