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Fortune - told?

I wrote this nearly seven months ago but honestly, I couldn't have imagined that young Carson Wentz's career could have started out as well as it has. If, after reading, you don't believe that I approached this topic that long ago, then go here and see for yourself! It's mostly a repost, with a little new stuff at the end. Enjoy!

As I've heard, talked about and thought about Carson Wentz being drafted, one thought has kept coming to mind - history maker.

The obvious association with that would be that he will make school history for the spot he will be taken in the draft. I don't want to diminish that in any way because it's special and I don't think will be topped or matched by any future Bison. If it is, fantastic! Unless it's because he drops down the board, which I hope doesn't happen.

Could also make history because of his origin. A Bismarck North Dakota kid going in the top five of the NFL draft. Unheard of! Amazing!

Maybe the history will come by taking a certain franchise and raising them up to the highest of heights of the NFL.

Those are all great possibilities and to one degree or another I hope they happen. But isn't specifically any one of those.

The highest place to be in the NFL would be the winning starting quarterback of a Super Bowl team. But he has a chance to make more specific history then that. To be the first one in the history of the NFL to do something. Win the Super Bowl.

Obviously many other quarterbacks have started and won Super Bowls. 29 different quarterbacks have won it to be exact. None have made the history that Wentz could possibly make.

Being the first quarterback to come from the FCS/1AA level of college football, having won a championship on that level to win the Bowl as well. Joe Flacco came from Delaware and to my surprise Kurt Warner came from Norther Iowa but neither won championships during their college careers. Maybe you think it doesn't matter?

But all you people who are into the SEC, Big 10, Pac 12, etc. can go shove it. You have more money, bigger facilities, more national exposure, on top of more scholarships.

But our guy, from North Dakota, who is a 2 time national champion, can do what no one else has ever done.

Will it happen? There's only 29 who have done it before, so the odds are against it but I don't care about that right now. The guys gotta chance to make history. And being from North Dakota, being a male nanny during his college days who will be a first round NFL QB mean's anything is possible.

So from one NoDak about another, I'm rooting for him. To fulfill his potential. To make history that has not happened yet. So hopefully a different angle on the topic makes it palatable, but either way I wanted to bring my take on it.

Three games into his young career, he's already making history. Not breaking any news on that but just marveling at how it's happening!

The best quarterbacks always take average to below average teams at heights that they wouldn't otherwise achieve. The Colts transition from Manning to Luck being one example. Only time will tell how this season will go for the Eagles but with the start that he's had it seems that he will be worth every bit of what they gave up to get him. Good for them but even better for him!

Point is, he's already making history and it's anyone's guess how far that will go for Carson and the Eagles!

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