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More then Football

This is a sports websites.

Sports are often able to serve as a distraction from things happening in the world.

Be it the ridiculous election, the war, terrorism, genocide, or countless number of other possibilities it is often effective.

Sometimes, in contrast, sports force for an acknowledgement of things that are happening in the world. Such is the case with the Vikings game in Charlotte tomorrow.

Before I get into it, a short preface. I'm from the frosty north. A literal ivory tower which is both in perception and reality quite often blanketed in white and deadly cold. Generations ago those from similar environments of Europe settled this area and I am of their descent. Non - Caucasian's are still a fairly new phenomenon. Located here by the government or as a result of some of the universities athletic programs bringing them in and them staying. Those are generalizations, but are also the two most predominant reasons for the recent influx. Whatever their ethnicity, as long as they conduct themselves for the best interest of the collective, they are welcome here.

But I don't know how it is for many of these minority individuals. I've heard of all the police shootings over the last few months and have been saddened by it.

I also don't automatically blame the officers who pull the trigger. It's a troubling trend, to put it lightly, but they choose every day to strap up and potentially lose their lives to protect the masses. So when an offender pulls a weapon, I don't blame them one bit for taking the necessary steps to end the threat. The specifics of each incident come into question though.

I don't doubt that there have been a multitude of murders by police officers when lesser force would have been suitable. Those criminals deserve to be found guilty by the same laws that they had chosen to uphold.

Thus we come to Sunday. The Vikings face off against the Panthers in Charlotte. One of the latest officer involved shootings was in Charlotte. Most of the video being used is unavailable, but I did watch the video done on a cell phone, at the scene. It shows a lot of what happened but creates as many questions as it answers. In this specific case but also in each other one, I hope that a proper outcome occurs. Proper may not be popular. Many in that area have chosen to riot instead of wait for the outcome.

I respect every American's right to protest peacefully. That's not what's happening though. One potential crime is being used as an excuse to perform dozens...maybe hundreds...of other acts which are undeniably criminal. We live in a violent world that seems to be spinning more and more into madness as time goes on. Maybe there's no stopping it, but it needs to stop.

People my age have become so accustomed to instant access and instant gratification, but that's not real. Sometimes things take time and need to, before we can and should act. It's a complicated issue and one that seems to be reaching a climax but that's no excuse for criminal behavior. There is no excuse for that. Ever.

I don't know what tomorrow's game will hold. But I do know that whatever the scoreboard shows come quad zero won't matter even 1% as much as the loss of life that has once again happened. The response to it needs to change though. Protest. Don't riot.

I've been in favor of the game being relocated, but the know that the greed of the owners made that unlikely and with little more then 24 hrs to go, it seems that money was the choice. I only hope now that none of the craziness in Charlotte spills into the stadium, for it has been reported that the police presence will be thin at the game.

The events in Charlotte this week show that there is more then football to focus on, so instead of using it as a way of ignoring the things that are happening, take the fact that our favorite team is playing there as an opportunity think about it, learn and pray for those are the minimum things we can do.

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