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Digging the new Diggs

When the Vikings and Packers square off, there is sure to be some animosity, hard hits and a lot of trash talk...and there's the game on the field. Yeah, the last few years of this rivalry have primarily been a function of the fans disliking each others but with the week 17 division clincher last year and the fact that the rematch was on the debut of the new Vikings stadium just last night, it could be going back down to the field.

I wasn't confident how the team would look with Sam Bradford under center and with several other starters finding themselves on the inactive list because of injuries but the game did not disappoint. Sacks, fumbles and interceptions once again defined this matchup, but all ended up in favor of the Vikings last night. This defense is looking every bit of the sort that leads to super bowls, but it wasn't all sunshine and roses.

Another Vikings offensive stalwart went down with an injury. It was reported today that Adrian Peterson has a torn Meniscus. The guy has proved to a physical specimen over the arch of his career so I'm hesitant to doubt what will happen with him over the balance of the year, but he didn't look good over the first two games of the season. Rust may be to blame but an injury isn't going to help that. It can't be summarily dismissed that he may be on the decline but only time will tell on that. For now, it's another hit for this offense but running back is far easier to replace then quarterback and it certainly seems as though the replacement at QB will work out just fine.

Some people may want Sam Bradford to put up more points. May want him to be more demonstrative or may just dislike him for the history of injuries. Well, get over it. He could get hurt, but as already mentioned, several key members of the team have been already yet we've dominated in early going of the season. Injuries are part of the game. The offensive line needs to keep him from getting sacked four times a game, with several more non-sack hits in addition. If and when that happens, his weapons will be able to show all they are. Stefon Diggs, Adam Thielen, and Kyle Rudolph all mades plays last night, add to that group Laquon Treadwell, Charles Johnson, Jarius Wright, and even Cordarelle Patterson at times, and this offense could hum. But it all starts with Bradford being able to have time to make the throws.

Last night, when he had time to make his reads, Diggs was the one he keyed in on - in a big way! Of the 286 yards that Bradford threw for last night, 182 went Diggs' way. That's nearly 64%. Those are Big Ben to Antonio Brown type numbers. Just obnoxious! Some of the throws were wide open but some were into pinhole spots. I don't know what to think going forward because if that's the kind of performance that can happen after little more then two weeks together then it seems like exponential growth is yet to come but that's where Minnesota pessimism comes into play. But we beat the Packers, handily, even if the final score didn't reflect it! And NDSU beat Iowa on Saturday. Both things weren't supposed to happen. yet they did. So why can't stats like this be replicated again this year?!

We beat the Packers in the premier of the Palace. It wasn't all good but to be negative on last night means you're probably a Vikings fan. We've got a new home, a great defense and an offense that might be able to do more then the minimum. It's honestly a great time to be a Vikings fan! Let's enjoy it and all the big things that are yet to come!!!

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