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Walk-off Loser

91. It is a number with many different potential connotations. If a grade percent then good. If a number one can count to, then high - especially when age of the counter is considered. If an age, then representative of a long life.

Tonight I'm thinking about Baseball though. A pitcher who throws 91 could have a long career in the big leagues. In contrast, if a hitter only bats .091 then he would not last long in the lowest levels of the minor leagues. If a team wins 91 games they are quite likely to make the post season while a team who loses 91 is terrible, to put it plainly.

That brings me to the local losers. With 17 games to go in the season, the Twins have already hit that mark. If they manage to go 8 - 9 to end the season they'll still hit 100 games. It's embarrassing. At least they can't get to a 110 losses? There's so little to cling to for silver linings with this team. The odd twist to that fact being the home run hitting of Brian Dozier. Amazingly he is only the second Minnesota Twin to hit 40 or more home runs in a season. Going back even further to when the team was still in DC and the list only grows by one. 40 homers is no small feat and in a dismal season it is a bright spot, however wasteful it may be.

Sort of feels like a basketball player who puts up 30 on a team that doesn't win (Kevin Love) or a Running Back who sets records but never makes in the playoffs (AP). And that list could go on and on and on and on with players in Minnesota who have put up great stats but the team results don't reflect it. Maybe that's the "curse" of Minnesota teams. Sure it's nice to have those great players but I would trade them for a single championship in my lifetime.

I'm getting a little off track, but can you blame me? The Twins are years from sniffing the post season. I don't care about the aberration that was last season, it's a long way away from happening again. But back to the point, the Twins are abysmal. For months I've gone to length to avoid hearing about them, watching them or talking about them and now that the season is nearly over (and the more promising teams are about to begin again, or have) it will be much easier to put them out of my mind.

All I can do as a season recap is simply acknowledge Dozier's good run but how terrible they are overall. There are 17 games left to go but this is the last I'm going to mention them for at least the next

That's a rough estimate because I couldn't find the spring training info posted on the Twins website but it started on Feb 22 this year. That's nearly 3900 hours that no one has to or should think about the Twins...and that number is probably low.

So there ya go. Good job Minnesota Twins, see ya when you aren't historically bad!

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