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The Golden Eagle

Week one of the NFL is already in the books and it held many interesting storylines. Amongst them, was the debut of the second pick from the past NFL Draft - Carson Wentz. Two touchdowns, 278 yards passing with no interceptions is about as good of a start as anyone could expect for the young man from Bismarck.

I've previously written about some of what his career accomplishments have already been and what they could be, on the grandest scale. If you're interested in taking a peak, check it out here:


For all the pressure that was on him to win the fourth and fifth championships for NDSU last couple of years, the pressure has only increased. Everyone who is a North Dakotan is rooting for him. Someone who is genuinely one of us, in the best way, is on a national stage and will be cheered every step of the way.

It's beyond us though, he has a city and region with more then double the population of North Dakota putting a whole new set of expectations on him. Beating the Browns was the first step in showing that he was the right choice and as long as he remains true to who he is, all that added pressure won't be a stumbling block for him. Mistakes will happen, but as with most of the young players in this young season, it's important not to overreact.

But reactions will come occasionally. I'm not going to write about his games on any every game basis, but because he is still one of the major local sports storylines he will be included in the topic as he continues to advance, this season and beyond.

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