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Friday Night (Spot)Lights: Rockets Ground Falcons

When a team coming off of a state semi-final appearance goes up against a team that has only had one winning season it's short history of being an independent program the results would likely be predicted as a route. Unfortunately for the Park Christian Falcons, that is exactly how the game played out.

Before the first snap, the disparity between the teams was clear. Each team had noticably smaller players then the ones that I've seen over the previous weeks and add to that the fact that PCS had 18 players on it's varsity roster, compared to 39 for Underwood. That all adds up to a 9-man beat down with the final score of 48 - 0.

Underwood started injecting their back ups early in the second half, after two quick touchdowns took the game from a likelihood to a certainty. To their credit, Park held Underwood to 16 points for most of the first half and 8 of those points came after a very long kickoff return to open the game. But the depth of Underwood in comparison to Park couldn't be denied as the point differential continued to widen. After each touchdown, a two point conversion was converted to add insult to the injuries.

And that also was a part of the game. I didn't hear any details of the injuries but as is so often the case, several times through out the game players found themselves on the ground clutch one part of their body or another. More often than not, it was the Falcons who found themselves with a player in such a position, which compounded the talent gap all the more.

I have no interest in piling on, so I'm just going to cut this one short.

The Purple Bizon Player of the Game is: The entire Underwood offense