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A Finals Pre-Match

Going up against the Sparks for sole possession of the WNBA's best record with a few games to go is a great end of the year match up for the only pro team that's been able to win a championship in this millennium. It's still early in the third quarter but Minnesota has a nice lead and seems to be in control of the game.

After shooting just a tick under 55% in the first half, which only resulted in a five point lead and a bit of a statistical anomaly, the Lynx doing enough to keep the Sparks at bay. Far from a ringing endorsement, but when it comes this close to the post season, the final score is the most important thing.

When I heard that the rematch was happening tonight, I thought it would be the last time these teams would meet before the Finals. But after further review, because I'm not a great WNBA mind, I learned that they're in the same conference. So it seems quite possible that they'll face off in the conference final and that the winner should be and likely will be the heavy favorite in the final Final.

As with every league and sport, when the best compete against each other and I imagine it's the same tonight. Over whatever other possibilities there may be on a Tuesday night in early September, ESPN opting to show this game is a testament of the significance of this game.

I didn't have a specific purpose for this post, except to recognize the significance of the game but now the game is tightening up so I'll keep it tuned in and if you are near a TV with ESPN access, you should do the same!

UPDATE: So I either looked at a bad source or misunderstood the info I found, but the graphic that the broadcast just showed means that the Lynx and Sparks could only meet in the WNBA Finals, as thing stand with four games to go. That's the best outcome possible and would get fans like me to tune in. It'll be a distant second fiddle to the Vikings over the next few weeks, but hopefully people keep promoting this team!