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PreSeason Finale

For my initial game recaps go to http://thepurplebizon.blogspot.com, but game three is on here.

In the last of the games that doesn't count, some are adamant about not formulating opinions of the players. For many of the participants in the game, I would agree. There are certainly some exceptions to that though.

For example, the performance that Jayron Kearse had once again on Thursday night makes him uncutable. While I'm still not convinced that he is requisite of a spot on the 53 man roster, an attempt to get him to the practice squad would likely fail. Beyond his measurable attributes, he's just made too many plays for the team for preseason.

As I already noted in my Tuesday post quarterback the Vikings quarterback group is now in dire need of enhancement. Shaun can play through the first games of the week but the rest of the group is a question mark - at best. If I were to take a plane to Vegas I would put some down on Stave being retained as the third quarterback now with another, possibly Brad Sorenson, being relegated to the practice squad.

Stave has improved over the preseason and his pocket presence combined with throwing ability should be reason enough for him to be the third quarterback.

Both CJ Ham and Jhurell Pressley have had at least one signature moment this preseason. Ham's came early, Pressley's came late. Being that runningback is the deepest position in the NFL it's entirely possible that one of the two ends up on our practice squad and replaces Asiata down the road. I'm not convinced that the replacement has to, or should necessarily even should wait but it may because of the equity that Asiata has with the team. Of the two I think that CJ Ham is closer to Matt as far as ability goes while Pressley seems more like Jerrick.

It's not all sunshine and roses though. Jarius Wright saw extensive playing time in the game, which to my mind isn't a good sign for his future here, but it's a difficult situation to understand because Patterson got a total of zero play in the game. CP's usage through out the preseason has been inconsistent. His inclusion in game's one and four were identical. I can't imagine their hiding him from public view because then why play any of the guys who actually have offensive or defensive significance? It's possible they are trying to make sure he stays healthy in case of a trade but I can't put my finger on a reason that really makes sense.

Getting back to JW. He's still a playmaker, as demonstrated on the boundary catch he had and I think he would be a fine fifth receiver for the team. That doesn't sound like a glowing endorsement but I am talking about the fifth receiver and it should be taken as positively as possible!

I'll have my projected 53 man roster out as soon as possible so come on back and take a look!

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