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Tuesday: Tragedy or Turning Point?

I’ve waited to write about this past Tuesday because of the shock and numbness that I experienced after hearing about the injury to Teddy. Like many, my immediate reaction to the news was “whoa is me.” It hit me like a punch to the gut. Within 48 hours of seeing Teddy drop in some beautiful passes at US Bank, his season was over, it just didn't seem real.

It’s still hard to comprehend, but we have to move forward. In a way, Vikings fans should be better conditioned to endure these kind of senseless happenings. Sure, some of the misery in our history was based on the poor decisions of players but many of the events are very much just bad luck. I don't want to focus on that tonight though. I just want to process what happened and move forward.

For months leading up to the NFL Draft I was stumping for the Vikings to address the position again, with the a season ending injury being part of the reason. They didn’t and I don’t feel like harping on it or patting myself on the back about it because the bad luck struck again and it’s frustrating. The question is, what now?

A trade for a QB may happen.

Waiting and signing someone who gets cut tomorrow seems more likely.

Hopefully the front office doesn’t sit on their hands, until Taylor can get back on the field.

I do think that Shaun Hill can play and win for a few weeks and off of his performance last night, and improvement through out the offseason, I wouldn’t mind them keeping Joel Stave as the third QB with another one on the practice squad.

I’ve heard all the names that have been bandied about, as potential additions to the team, but none of them really light my fire so I’m just going to move on.

A year ago, this team won 11 games with a QB not being the focal point. The Kool-Aid this year had been that the progress Teddy was making, in conjunction with improvements throughout the team, meant we had a great chance of NFC championship or possibly Super Bowl. It was bold but I was buying into it. How much of a difference does Teddy actually make in it?

I recognize that quarterback is the most important part of the football team but this team is built to win without a Tom Brady, Peyton Manning or Drew Brees type of offensive output. I don’t think it’s unrealistic to still expect the Vikings starting QBs to total 20+ touchdowns and hopefully like half that many interceptions. AP is once again the horse that will drive this engine. The defense is still loaded with playmakers at every level and with more depth then last season.

Before the draft I was dreaming of a 15 - 1 season. In the immediate wake of the draft I went down to 10 - 6 until I analyzed it and let the coaching play out, which brought me up to 12 - 4. The loss of Teddy has me back to 10-6. Before any of that though, the goal should be to go 2 -1 to start the year. No San Francisco like eggs can be laid in Tennessee. Likewise, the first home game that counts CANNOT be a loss, not to the Packers. Please, just beat them! I don’t have a sense on Carolina but considering that they were in the Super Bowl, I could accept a loss to them.

There’s a lot to be determined in the next few hours. Cuts are about to happen and that will bring a new face, probably more then one, to the team.

Of the cuts that already happened, John Sullivan was the most notable. As an aside, I was hoping that Stoudermire would be able to make it the fourth game and then take Patterson's spot but that was always a long shot. Anyways, back to Sully, I know that cutting him makes sense on many levels - saving money, getting younger, keeping a more healthy player - but it still bummed me out. He did so many interviews over the years on KFAN that it seemed like he was one of the Vikings that actually became known as a person. He seemed smart and generous but as has been mentioned it's possible there were more reasons for his release then the ones I mentioned. So we'll move forward but I don't know if the offensive line group is stronger today then it was on Tuesday at this time.

I’ll get to my projections about the roster and also a little bit about the game on Thursday out as soon as I can but I had the High School game of the week last night so I'm on a bit of time crunch.

Let me know what you think.

Is this season still a potential turning point or does the loss of Teddy mean too much to the team?

Which QB’s would you all like to see brought in?

What isn’t up for debate is that we are finally in football month! For all the dreariness and negativity that comes with the injury, we can and should still be able to appreciate that!

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