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Vikings Preseason Game 3

For my summaries of games one and two check out: http://thepurplebizon.blogspot.com/2016/08/vikings-game-1.html and http://thepurplebizon.blogspot.com/2016/08/vikings-game-2.html respectively.

I was fortunate to see the game live and in person at the stadium. Made it tougher to keep track of stats in real time but there are a myriad of websites where stats can be obtained. I wanted the sort-of-up-close eye test.

There were many things both positive and negative again this game. I hate to be a broken record but the run defense was still subpar. On Melvin Gordon's 39 yard run he was barely touched and the hole at the line was big enough for practically any person to make it through. I can't put my finger on where the issue is because the defense as a whole is elite yet the run continues to leave much to be desired. If Zimmer hasn't been able to figure it out then I doubt that I would be able to, even if I spent days watching the all 22. That has been and continues to be the most prevailing issue with the team. UPDATE: I heard this morning that Zim took responsibility for the blown assignment by the defense on Gordon's run so maybe the run defense is improving because I don't remember seeing any other terrible plays by the first or second team defenses against the run.

It was evident again today that the number of playmakers currently roster has increased. Harrison Smith made another nice play but in addition to him, Jayron Kearse and Mackenzie Alexander both contributed on the defensive side, though it did take MA two chances to get the interception.

On the offensive side, Diggs made some very nice plays and to my eyes had far and away his best game of the preseason. McKinnon also flashed some high end talent again today. I didn't notice Teddy being under any abnormal amount of pressure which is a great step for the offensive line. It would have been nice for Treadwell to get some run with the first team offense but aside from that and some of the simple errors that Rudolph made, the offense practically hummed today. It's amazing and a little preposterous that a first round pick isn't in the team's top receivers. UPDATE: At this point it sure seems like Johnson is the deep option with Diggs as the out route option. Rudolph had a nice touchdown, but again that fumble can't happen. It was a good play by the defensive player but he needs to hold onto the ball. If Teddy can keep throwing like he did on the second possession of game one and through out yesterday's contest the offense has a very good chance of being as good as the defense.

With the first round of cuts looming for Tuesday, it's far from clear which position group, much less player, will be thinned out first. Safety did have quite a log jam but both Exum and Griffen left today's game with injuries. Just a guess, but I think that the Receiver and Running Back groups will be thinned out. I like CJ Ham and Jhurell Pressley looked good today but I can't recall noticing him in the previous two contests. One will hopefully end up on the practice squad but each could find their way onto another teams roster. The most noteworthy cut to come down on Tuesday may be either Patterson or Wright. I've been pretty consistent about the fact that I don't want to Patterson around anymore. He's a one trick pony with a trick that is being devalued by the NFL. Some contend that the team will keep six receivers, which would mean each one is secure but I don't think that would be in the best interest of the whole team. UPDATE: The Vikings have reached a point of being hunted not hunters. In the past we have snatched good players from other teams and that may still happen but more likely then not, players who get cut, will get signed elsewhere and contribute very well. It's not the ideal situation but is an unavoidable part of the game.

What do you guys think? Did anything stick out positively or negatively that I didn't think of? What do you guys think of the impending cuts?

For anyone interested in hearing about the palace, check the next post, when I get it out tonight.

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